Protection Guidelines

Protecting Your Reputation

We understand that for small business owners reputation is everything. Abuse of our review system will not be tolerated and any reviews infringing our policies will be immediately removed.

Good Customer Service Recognition

During dispute investigation processes, Lynkos carefully ponders your account history. Sellers who have good standing accounts are more likely to have disputes settled in their favor.

Settlement of Disputes

If a buyer reports that an item has not been delivered or differs from its description, as long as you have followed the Seller Protection Requirements, Lynkos will attempt to help you settle these disputes. We strive to protect sellers regardless of their listing prices.

Interception of Fraud

Many times our fraud specialists and automated detection systems intercept and stop fraudulent transactions before they are fulfilled. Should a fraudulent or unauthorized transaction actually occur, Lynkos will investigate it and will often resolve the issue without the need to contact you.


Use Our Tools

Lynkos provides several tools to help you verify a seller’s reputation. Please, make sure to check out a seller’s reviews, shop policies and ‘About’ page. Contact the seller through Lynkos’ Messages to clarify any confusing points. For your own protection, be sure to carry out all communications within Lynkos.

Check in With Your Seller

Keep track of relevant dates. Remember the ship-by date or processing time given to you by the seller. Check whether your purchase shipping is from overseas. Remember that Lynkos provides a limited period of time for you to open a case, and that third parties, such as PayPal, may have an even shorter term.

Use Our Case System

However unlikely it may be, should something go wrong, use Lynkos’ case system to settle disputes, including instances where an item was not delivered or is not as described in the listing. If you are unable to reach a resolution with the seller, you may escalate the case by submitting it to Lynkos.

High Standards

Sellers on Lynkos are expected to provide top level customer service. Lynkos’ teams monitor problematic behavior based on our Seller Service Level Standards. Sellers who persistently contribute to a negative buyer experience will not be allowed to sell through Lynkos.