About Us

William Cook Cast Products is a British engineering company. Established in 1840, it employs 800 people across four sites in the North of England.

William Cook is Europe’s leading manufacturer of steel castings. The company is a world leader in steel casting design and technology.

William Cook serves industries in which strength, reliability and integrity are vital; industries like defence, rail, power generation, oil and gas, mining, construction and intermodal freight. The company supplies fully finished components into these industries with testing, machining, fabrication, painting and other processes all carried out in-house.

William Cook’s engineering expertise, industry knowledge and owner investment allow it to offer more than steel castings. Many of the complex mechanical and electrical assemblies supplied by William Cook’s Rail, Defence and Intermodal businesses do not involve steel castings, but all are relied upon by customers for whom quality is the primary concern. William Cook is investing heavily in these businesses to develop and expand the range of products and services that they offer.

Business size

500+ employees