About Us

Based in Guatemala and 100% hand-crafted by local artisans, Uxibal’s signature style uniquely re-imagines traditional Mayan textiles into high end, contemporary-bohemian designs.

The name Uxibal means sister in the Mayan language Qu’iche’ and represents our company’s desire to improve the lives of women in Guatemala—a traditionally male-dominated society. We work with women of indigenous Mayan descent, living in circumstances of extreme poverty, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Combined with, little access to education, marriage at a young age, and high birth rates, these women have few options to improve their situation.

By incorporating their traditional work into our designs, we are creating a market driven solution to help these women to rise above poverty and bringing attention to the everyday issues they face. Every woman who wears our shoes, carries our bag, or simply shares our story with a friend, is helping us to build our global network of women supporting women and empowering someone in Guatemala to rise above poverty and create a better life for the future.

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