About Us

The Adventurous Mailbox offers series of adventure books introducing world cultures delivered from abroad in very stylish packaging, a dynamic “top secret” online community for kids, as well as professionally developed lessons to accompany the books. The team’s desire is to introduce children to different ways of thinking and being, while inspiring a curiosity to learn other languages, travel the world, and lead well-examined lives.

The Adventurous Mailbox is an international team of artists, designers, and educators intent on inspiring kids to develop a respectful curiosity about the world and, in doing so, helping them to prepare for their adult lives.The ability to understand the way other peoples think and live their lives may not be assessed on standardized tests, but it is vitally important for every kid’s future. Whether it helps them in their future profession or just opens up a life of more possibilities, the more kids learn about the world the better equipped they will be for their adult lives. If kids can develop the ability to learn about and truly understand world cultures, as well as to see things from entirely different perspectives, they will have a major leg up in the future with much more opportunity available to them. The Adventurous Mailbox is a great first step on this path.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence