About Us

Platform 3 is an exclusive fitness facility located in the heart of Dubai Marina. P-3 consists of a team of health and fitness professionals that believe in a full-scale holistic approach when it comes to attaining physical fitness. Our approach towards better health and fitness is narrowed down to three vital components: Personal training, Sports Therapy and Nutrition. We believe by combining these elements we can achieve a higher level of health and wellness.

Platform 3 is a unique fitness concept which steps away from the conventional membership based health clubs and brings an innovative appointment based approach to fitness. Our facility has been meticulously and intricately designed to adapt to our appointment based concept, making the experience for our clients purely personalized, private and more effective. The ambiance created within our premises is more enjoyable, uplifting and clinical.

The professionals that form our team is what really sets us apart from others in this region. With vast experience and knowledge gathered from all corners of the world, the personalized approach of our team to each and every client has proven Platform 3 to be more successful and more effective. Our mission is not only to make our clients healthier, but to educate them with the knowledge of better living, through sport and health sciences. Our clientele is diverse, from the conditioning of top athletes to post surgery rehabilitation, our staff specialize in all fields.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence