About Us

Small boutique design company that injects its designs with aesthetics, creativity and passion.

Hi! We're Oink.

We like to think we have a casual approach to things... no suits and ties here. We're a creative firm, not a law firm. However, casual does not mean unprofessional. Oink is client-oriented and dedicated to excellence... we just do it in jeans and an easy-going attitude.

Understanding your needs is crucial. We constantly challenge ourselves to achieve results that are more than what is being asked for. Our purpose is to communicate your message as effectively as possible while providing you with creative, intriguing, uncluttered design solutions with flair and high visual impact that are an appropriate and intelligent response to your needs.

We understand brand, budget, deadlines and practicality. We value trust and relationships. We believe in a positive attitude. Mostly, we want to get the job done right.